7 major advantages of transportation

Advantages of transportation to economy

Transport refers to the physical movement of people and commodities from one place to another.

The advantages aim of transport are:

  • to encourage the spread of new ideas, that is to say, innovations and inventions encouraging both agricultural growth, industrial growth, and expansion
  • to encourage surplus production through exports
  • to facilitate the exploitation of natural resources for example forests, minerals, potential reach agricultural land and fishing (water resources)
  • to reduce wastage especially in areas of overproduction
  • to bring together people and their various needs, that is to say services and facilities
  • to increase the volume of goods and services especially from areas of overproduction (surplus) to areas of scarcity

There are four forms of transport namely, road transport, water, air, and railway transport. Other forms of transport include human porterage, traction, and animal transport.


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