Problems facing New York City

Problems facing new York city

New York City is the largest city in the world found in the USA, North America, it is serving as a port, a town and an industrial area. It is situated on Manhattan island and other surrounding islands like Staten, Bronklyn, Long, Richmond, Bronx, Queen’s on the coast of Atlantic ocean. Eastern side of USA near Hudson river.

New York City has a high population, many economic activities, improved infrastructure, social services and it is gazetted as a city e.g. Boston, Providence, Philadelphia, Baltimore, Washington DC, Jacksonville, Orlando neighbouring countries.

Problems facing New York City

  • Congestion in terms of traffic and housing causing inconveniences, delays, stress, pressure.
  • Pollution of air, water, and land because of wastes from industries and homesteads.

  • Development of slims with poor living conditions occupied by unemployed people, immigrants.
  • Increased crime rates and social problems like prostitution, drug addiction because of unemployed people like immigrants, pick picketers.
  • Easy spread of diseases that are contagious because of the population like cough, influenza, TB.
  • Unemployment and underemployment because of the population leading to poor standards of living.
  • Limited land for expansion on Manhattan island making land expensive.
  • Racial discrimination like the Afro-Americans, immigrants causing conflicts and tension.
  • Increased cost of living because of paying on basic needs like food, shelter, health facilities causing poverty.

  • Encroachment of gazetted areas for settlement, industrial expansion and for constructing transport routes.
  • Environmental degradation because of deforestation, swamp reclamation, destruction of the landscape because of construction work.
  • Poor urban planning and increased costs of urban management because of the population with limited facilities.
  • Poor infrastructure like drainage systems causing floods especially in summer.

  • Increased government expenditure on social services and urban infrastructure like cost and maintenance, rehabilitation.

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