Problems faced by urban areas in Low developed countries

Problems faced by urban areas in low developed countries

The following are Problems faced by urban areas in Low developed countries

  • The increased cost of living like paying for basic needs and necessities causing poverty.
  • Pollution of air, water, and land because of wastes and sewage from industries, urban settlement and because of heavy traffic.
  • Unemployment and underemployment especially the unskilled labour and uneducated people.
  • Congestion in terms of traffic and housing hence delays and inconveniences.
  • High crime rate and social problems like prostitution, robbery.
  • Development of slums with poor living conditions like poor drainage, houses and ventilation, poor transport.
  • High government expenditure on social services and infrastructure.
  • Easy spread of diseases which are contagious like flu, cough.

  • Environmental degradation because of deforestation, swamp reclamation through construction work.
  • Poor drainage causing floods.
  • Over exploitation of resources causing exhaustion of minerals, forests.
  • Rural urban migration causing urban and rural problems.
  • Change of cultures and traditions causing social problems.
  • Limited land for expansion making land expensive.
  • Poor social services because of the increased population with limited facilities.
  • Encroachment of gazetted areas like national parks and game reserves.
  • Presence of conflicts and tensions like strikes, demonstrations because of people being


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