Negative effects of suez canal

Negative effects of Suez canal

Suez Canal connects the Mediterranean Sea and Red sea covering a distance of 160km. It was constructed in 1969 by a French company.

It has a width of 62 km depth of 10 m it accommodates 20,000 ships, 80,000 tonnes in a year and it is used by European countries, Middle East countries for handling exports and imports.

The following are the Negative effects of the Suez Canal

  • Conflicts and tension like a crisis between France and Britain promoting the scramble for Africa.

  • Urban problems like slums increased the cost of living, and around port Sayyid, Alexandras.
  • Promotion of accidents destroying people and property due to strong waves.
  • Profit repatriation by the French company causing capital outflow.
  • Environmental degradation because of the construction work of ports canals.
  • Pollution because of heavy traffic, many people, industries.
  • Increased costs of maintenance and rehabilitation affecting other activities.
  • A regional imbalance like port Sayyid, Alexandria, the Persian Gulf causing economic problems.
  • Overexploitation of resources like oil, iron ore in the Sinai Peninsula.

  • Congestion at port Sayyid, Alexandria because of heavy traffic, many passengers causing inconveniences and delays.
  • Displacement of people and activities by gazetting areas discouraging settlement and agriculture.


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