Negative effects of Rotterdam port in the Netherlands

Negative effects of Rotterdam port in Netherlands

A port is an area at the coast handling imports, exports, passengers connecting the interior the coast and other countries.

Rotterdam’s port is found in the Netherlands. Holland at the North Sea and mouth of R. Rhine. It is called Euro port because it’s used in the month it is used by European countries in the Rhine lands like Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, Luxemburg.

It is called an eater port because of handling many ports and it serves the most productive industrialized and developed areas of Western Europe. It was constructed by Holland with assistance from other European unions Member countries.

The negative effect of Rotterdam port in the Netherlands

  • Pollution because of heavy traffic, population increase, industrial activities leading to the destruction of plants, animals, and the ozone layer.
  • Congestion because of many exports, imports, passengers causing inconveniences and delays.
  • Accidents because of obstacles, strong waves, mist, and fog like during winter season leading to the destruction of people and property.
  • Increased costs of maintenance and rehabilitation removing silts, sediments, deposits.
Negative effects of Rotterdam port in the Netherlands
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  • Urban problems like increased cost of living, congestion, development of slums.
  • Temperate climate with winter and snow affecting labour and transport.
  • Unemployment and underemployment especially unskilled labour, immigrants.
  • Environmental degradation because of constructing buildings, transport routes destroying plants and animals.
  • Poor social services because of the dense population leading to low standards of living.

  • Displacement of people and activities by occupying big areas.
  • Floods causing siltation, sedimentation and deposition, siltation, and sub-emergency.
  • Poor urban planning because of many people with limited resources and facilities.
  • Over exploitation of resources causing exhaustion e.g. minerals.

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