Importance of tourism in East Africa

Importance of tourism in East africa

Tourism is the practice for travelling for purposes of leisure, curiosity or study.

Tourism is the leading invisible export of East Africa and it is one of the major foreign exchange earners for the governments. 

Importance of tourism in East Africa

  • It has led to the development of the art and craft industry because locally made items like drums, baskets mats are sold to foreign visitors.
  • It helps to diversify the economy hence reducing dependence on agriculture ensuring constant capital flow.
  • It helps to put idle land to good use hence reducing resource wastage e.g. Kidepo valley national park.

  • It has created employment opportunities for the people of East Africa leading to improved standards of living e.g. game rangers, tour guides, travel agents e.t.c.
  • It has facilitated the development of infrastructures like roads which help in the movement of goods and services in East Africa.
  • The government earns revenue through taxation of people who work in the tourism industry used in the development of roads.

  • Tourism is an invisible export which earns the government foreign exchange used for the development of infrastructures e.g. roads.
  • Tourism leads to the development of international relationships which help in promoting world peace and establishing world unity.
  • Tourism helps to conserve the environment and protect natural beauty which is important for the present and future generations.