Importance of st. Lawrence seaway

Importance of st Lawrence seaway

st. Lawrence seaway is found around the great lakes like L. Huron, Erie, Michigan, Superior, Ontario. It is used by the USA and Canada. The idea of construction was started by Canada and the USA first resisted it because of fearing to lose custom duties and having railway lines. Construction started in 1964 and ended in 1969.
Before the construction, they were using the Erie canal which connected to New York port

Importance of St. Lawrence Seaway.

  • Improvement in transport and communication through navigation by constructing roads, railway lines, modern ports, canals around the Great lakes.
  • Provision of employment opportunities like in the transport sector, industries and tourism in the areas of Chicago, Detroit, Toronto, and trading activities.

  • Provision of water for domestic, industrial purposes and for dumping wastes and sewage lines in the towns of Duluth, Chicago, Butallo, Detroit, Cleveland.
  • Source of government revenue by taxing people, companies, getting custom duties helping to improve the national income.
  • Production of HEP like at Niagara Falls, St. Marie, Iloquis dam used for domestic and industrial purposes.
  • Development of trade both internal and external by connecting different towns like Chicago, Detroit, Toronto and different countries like the USA and Canada.
  • Economic diversification by influencing other activities like tourism, industrialization, trade, transport reducing on the dependence burden.
  • Promotion of international relations and regional corporations like between the USA and Canada leading to international trade.
  • Growth of urban centres because of population increase, industrial activities leading to improvement in social services and development of trade.

  • Development of tourism industries because of land forms like Naigara falls, industrial activities and high incomes leading to entertainment activities.
  • Source of foreign exchange by paying custom duties at ports like Chicago, Montreal through export trade helping in importation and investments.
  • Promotion of education and research because of landforms like Naigara falls, industrial activities, plants and animal species leading to better skills and technology.

  • Improvement in social services like water, power supply, health facilities leading to increased standards of living around the Great lakes conurbation.
  • Environmental protection through climate modification providing habitats for plants and animals.
  • Alternative land use by suing the Great lakes like lakes Superior, Michigan, Ontario for navigation.
  • Promotion of fishing activities in the Great lakes.


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