Importance of mining to East Africa

Mining is the extraction of natural resources from the earth’s crust for economical use

Importance of mining to East Africa

  • Governments earn foreign exchange used for national development through the exportation of minerals to other countries.

  • Governments earn revenue by taxing the workers within the mining sector used for the development of infrastructure e.g. roads.
  • It has led to the development of urban centres e.g. Tororo, Kasese, Mombasa and Kakamega hence promoting regional balance.
  • Creation of employment opportunities for the people which boosts their standards of living e.g. engineers.

  • It leads to the development of infrastructures e.g. schools and hospitals which lead to urbanization.
  • Improvement of international relations through trade which promotes world peace e.g. between Japan and Uganda.
  • This leads to the diversification of the economy which increases government revenue and ensures constant capital inflow.

  • It leads to the development of industries that process the minerals leading to economic diversification e.g. Tororo cement industry.
  • It leads to the development of agriculture through the provision of the market for food from neighbouring communities e.g. in Kasese.
  • Roads and railway lines are constructed which lead to easy movement of goods and services.  

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