Importance of market gardening

Importance of market gardening

MARKET GARDENING is the production of vegetables, fruits, and flowers for sale in nearby towns and cities

It is mainly carried out near towns due to readily available market in towns.

Crops grown include tomatoes, Onions, carrots, apples, pineapples, cabbages, oranges, beans, etc.

In E.Africa, it is highly developed in Kenya and particularly in Nairobi

Importance of market gardening

  • Provides employment to many people hence improving their standards of living.
  • Provides flowers required for house decorations and functions e.g. Nsimbe Estates in Mpigi and Rose Bud at Entebbe.

  • Source of raw materials for industries producing food stuffs, cosmetics and perfumes from aromatic herbs.
  • Leads to development of infrastructures e.g. schools and roads that have led to urbanisation.
  • Helps in economic diversification which ensures constant capital flow for government.
  • Government earns revenue through taxes which is used for developing infrastructures like roads and hospitals.
  • Leads to development of research facilities which boosts agricultural sector e.g. at Kawanda Research Station.

  • Leads to development of transport routes e.g. feeder roads leading to easy movement of goods and services
  • Source of food to the non-agricultural urban and industrial population.
  • Source of foreign exchange through crop exports to Germany, United Kingdom and France e.t.c.


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