Importance of forest in gabon

Importance of forests in Gabon

The following is the importance of forest in Gabon:

  • It is a source of government revenue by taxing people, companies, industries leading to capital accumulation and improvement in international income
  • Climate modification leading to high rainfall in the surrounding areas through evaporation and evaporation leading to the development of agriculture
  • Environmental protection by providing habitat for plant species and animal species and soil formation and conservation because of the humus and control of soil erosion, landslide, and mass wasting
  • Source of materials for making local herbs, medicines, and chemicals for treatment of people and livestock
  • A source of building materials like timber, cardboard, wood pulp, cellulose, and these materials are used for furniture
  •  The provision of employment opportunities like lumbering, carpentry, furniture, and workshops leads to an increased standard of living.

  • Development of the tourism industry due to the presence of wildlife (flora and fauna) 
  • Economic diversification by influencing other activities like transport, trade, tourism, and industrialization
  • A source of foreign exchange by exporting forest products like timber, plywood, and wood pulp.
  • Protection of water catchment areas like the source of rivers for example river Ogouwe, Livindo
  • Provision of settlement for communities living depending on forest product and food gathering, for example, pygmies

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