Factors that have led to the desert type of climate

Factors that have led to desert type of climate

Desert and semi-desert climate type of climate is mainly found in the sub-tropical belt. These areas include Karamoja, Turkana land, and Chalbi desert in Northern Kenya

Factors that have led to desert type of climate

  • Latitudinal location far away from the equator where rainfall is low and unreliable.
  • Location on Eastern side of the continent where off-shore winds especially the North East trade winds lead to aridity.

  • Absence of large water bodies in the interior hence reduced evaporation e.g. Chalbi desert.
  • Rain shadow effect due to presence of Ethiopian highlands hence dry descending winds reaching Karamoja and Turkana land.
  • Presence of scanty vegetation which limits evapo-transpiration leading to low rainfall totals.
  • Presence of off-shore winds which blow parallel to the coast diverting moisture bearing winds from the land mass.
  • Bush burning by pastoralists which leads to rise in temperatures.


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