Effects of fishing activities on the environment

The following are effects of fishing activities on the environment

  • Smoking of fish and construction of boats requires timber which leads to deforestation.
  • Fishing exposes fishermen to Tsetse flies and Bilharzia disease.
  • Smoking of fish leads to atmospheric pollution which spreads human diseases like the flue.
  • Fishing leads to the growth of towns which leads to high crime rates, unemployment, and poor sanitation.
  • Fishermen are exposed to dangerous water animals e.g. crocodiles on Lake Kyoga.
  • Some fish that were introduced such as the Nile perch eat away other species like Tilapia.
  • Poor fishing methods like the use of poison may lead to health problems for humans.
  • Processing industries that are constructed near water bodies have led to pollution due to the dumping of wastes in the water bodies


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