Effects of air pollution on the environment

The following are effects of air pollution on environments:

  • Gases emitted from some factories contain some substances which corrode the roofs of houses and metal surfaces.
  • Some gases from factories contain substances which make plants wither or main or kill animals.

  • Inhalation of smoke and soot particles leads to discomfort and irritation of the respiratory system.
  • Smoke and soot discolor buildings and plants making them ugly.
  • Gases emitted from factories may contain poisonous substances which may lead to poor health of people when inhaled.
  • Smoke and smog reduce visibility which may lead to road accidents.

  • Some gases released into the atmosphere combine with moisture to form acid rains which is harmful to life and property.
  • Gases or excess carbon dioxide increase the temperatures affecting the climate of the affected area. This may also lead to depletion of the Ozone layer.
  • The dust that on plants inhibits photosynthesis


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