Conditions for growth of Pyrethrum

Conditions for growth of pyrethrum
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Pyrethrum is a white flowering plant that contains a chemical substance used in insecticides. it is

Mainly grown in high altitude areas e.g. in Kenya along the slopes of Mt. Kenya, Aberdare ranges, Kikuyu land, and slopes of Mt. Kilimanjaro, Arusha, Mt. Meru, Mbeya, and Usambara ranges and Southern highlands in Tanzania.

Conditions for its growth of Pyrethrum

  • Fairly cool and moist conditions for plant growth.
  • High altitude of about 1000m to 1800m above sea level to ensure cool conditions.
  • Well drained and fertile loam soils for proper plant growth and high yields.
  • Heavy and reliable rainfall of about 1500mm per annum for high yields of the crop.

  • Cheap and abundant labour especially during the harvesting period.
  • Well developed transport routes linking to industries since itÂ’s grown in highland areas.
  • Extensive land for large scale growing to ensure high output.
  • High humidity all year round for luxuriant growth of the crop.

  • Abundant sunshine for ripening and harvesting of the crop.
  • Supportive government policy to encourage plantation agriculture.
  • Gently sloping landscape for easy movement of the workers.
  • Ready market for the crop which is both local and international e.g. in China.