Condition for sisal growing

Conditions for sisal farming
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Sisal crops can be grown in most parts of  East Africa including those with low and unreliable rainfall and poor sandy soils.

Tanzania is the major producer and it’s grown mainly along the coast near Tanga, Lindi, and Dar-es-salaam. In Kenya, it’s grown along the coast near Mombasa, Masai land, and Nakuru.

Used for making sacks and ropes.  

Conditions for sisal growing  

  • Needs constantly hot temperatures above 20°C to grow well.
  • Grows well at an altitude of about 900-1500m above sea level.
  • Requires an annual rainfall of about 650mm needed during the planting season and can also tolerate drought.
  • A long dry season for harvesting the crop.
  • Requires moderately fertile sandy-loamy soils for growing the crop.

  • A large labour force needed especially during the planting and harvesting season.
  • Extensive and flat landscape because the crop can’t be grown alongside other crops and needs a lot of spacing.
  • Availability of ready market both local and international to sell the crop.
Conditions for sisal growing 

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