Characteristics of montane climate

Characteristics of Montane climate

MONTANE CLIMATE is experienced in highlands and mountainous regions of East Africa. Examples of these areas include; Kikuyu land (Mt. Kenya), Chagga land (Mt. Kilimanjaro), Bugisu land (Mt. Elgon), and Kigezi land.

The following are characteristics of montane climate

  • The temperature decreases with an increase in height or altitude.
  • They receive relief or orographic rainfall mainly on the windward side of highlands.
  • The tops of the mountains do not receive as much rain as the lower slopes.
  • Where altitude exceeds 4500m above sea level, the areas are covered by permanent snow/glaciers e.g. Mt. Kenya, Kilimanjaro, and Rwenzori.

  • The leeward slopes are often dry due to the rain shadow effect e.g. Kasese and Ankole-Masaka corridor.
  • Lower slopes are warmer than higher slopes.


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