Causes of low population density

Causes of low population density

POPULATION DENSITY refers to the number of people living in an area per square km. In East Africa, some places have got high population density while others have got low population density

Causes of low population density (why some areas have low population e.g. Karamoja, Ankole-Masaka corridor, Masai land and Turkana land)

  • Low and unreliable rainfall that cannot favour agriculture e.g. the desert region of Chalbi in northern Kenya.
  • Hot temperatures of 300C and above that make it impossible for many people to live in such areas e.g. in Karamoja.
  • Absence of surface water that is essential for human life e.g. in Masai land.

  • Poor quality soils that can’t support agriculture tend to scare away settlements e.g. Miombo woodlands.
  • Pests and diseases such as tsetse flies and mosquitoes in some parts of central Tanzania scare away man due to fear of losing his life.
  • The remoteness of the area hinders accessibility due to poor transport and communication lines.
  • Limited economic activities mean that jobs are not existent.
  • Limited social services scare away people.