Benefits of kongwa cattle ranch

Benefits of kongwa cattle ranch

KONGWA CATTLE RANCH was formerly a groundnut scheme occupied by the Wagogo people.

The area had very hard dry soils during the dry season and very wet soils in the wet season.

Bushes were only cleared in the wet seasons because that is when all the roots could be uprooted.

Today, the Kongwa ranching scheme is under the National Agricultural Company Limited with eight big ranches on 340,000 hectares with over 70,000 heads of cattle.

Benefits of the kongwa cattle ranch Scheme

  • Cross-breeding has led to improved animal breeds which give off a lot of milk.
  • Dipping of animals has also helped to control pests and diseases.
  • There is an improved water supply for the Masai animals through the construction of valley dams.
  • Extension veterinary services are provided to provide assistance to the Masai against animal diseases.
  • Schools were built and a few Masai children go to school.
  • In Tanzania, a project called the Masai development plan was introduced to improve the life of the Masai by putting in place ranches.
  • Wheat growing, sheep, and goat rearing have been introduced in Nandi districts to encourage them to grow some crops.
  • Aerial spraying and bush clearing have been introduced in major lands to control tsetse flies and create more land for farming.

  • The Masai cultivators are given incentives by the Kenya government to fence and cultivate their land.
  • Roads, banks, and hospital facilities have been introduced to improve their standard of living.


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