KAPUTIEL RANCHING SCHEME is a developed scheme within Masai land South East of Nairobi bordering river Athi.
The Masai occupy a dry Savanna stretch from the Narok district of south-west Kenya to the Masai steppe of North-East Tanzania.
The ranches are not fenced but surrounded by ditches separating the different clans.

Benefits of the Scheme

  • Cross-breeding has led to improved animal breeds which give off a lot of milk.
  • Dipping of animals has also helped to control pests and diseases.
  • There is improved water supply for the Masai animals through the construction of valley dams.
  • Extension veterinary services are provided to provide assistance to the Masai against animal diseases.
  • Schools were built and a few Masai children go to school.
  • In Tanzania, a project called the Masai development plan was introduced to improve the life of the Masai by putting in place ranches.
  • Wheat growing, sheep, and goat rearing have been introduced in Nandi districts to encourage them to grow some crops.
  • Aerial spraying and bush clearing have been introduced in major lands to control tsetse flies and create more land for farming.
  • The Masai cultivators are given incentives by the Kenya government to fence and cultivate their land.
  • Roads, banks, and hospital facilities have been introduced to improve their standard of living.

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