9 Advantages of large population size

9 advantages of large population size

The following are Advantages of large population size

  • A high population provides enough labour force for the economic development of the country.
  • It can be a source of a large amount of taxes that avails the country with enough revenue for development.
  • It is easy and economical to provide social services in a situation where many people are concentrated in the same area.
  • In the case of security, a large population can easily provide enough manpower for the army/defense of a country.
  • It is a source of cheap labour since many people are willing to work at a low wage rate.
  • A high population encourages the exploitation of idle resources.

  • A high population also provides a large market for goods and services within a given country.
  • It also encourages a high level of innovation and invention as people try to look for survival in a competitive environment.
  • It encourages increased agricultural output as people try to produce enough food for their own survival.


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