4 Advantages of pipeline transport

Advantages of pipelines transport

Pipeline transport involves the transportation of gases, water and oil using pipes.

It is highly used in urban centres for transporting domestics and industrial water through pipes e.g. water used in Kampala is mostly transported by pipelines from Ggaba on the shores of Lake Victoria.

Pipelines are also used in transporting oil (petroleum) from Mombasa to Eldoret via Nairobi.

Another pipeline was constructed from Dar-es-salaam to Kapiri-Mposhi in the Zambia copper belt to transport oil.

The following are the Advantages of pipeline transport

  • It is a cheaper means of transporting liquids and gasses.
  • It can be used to transport large volume of liquids and gasses at a single time.
  • It is more reliable since it can even be used in politically unstable regions.

  • It does not pollute the environment unlike roads and railways


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