11 Role of road transport to economic development

Role of road transport in economic development

The following is the Role played by road transport to economic development:

  • It has helped in development of fishing by linking landing sites to market centers.
  • Promotes agriculture by linking rural areas to urban markets.
  • Promotes cross border trade between the East African countries hence increasing revenue.
  • Promotes regional co-operation amongst the East African countries which promotes peace.
  • Provides government with revenue through custom duties, road licenses and driving permits for national development.
  • Provides employment opportunities e.g. engineers, police officials hence improved standards of living.

  • Promotes industrial growth through the distribution of industrial goods to market centers and transportation of raw materials.
  • Promotes tourism by connecting to all tourist sites in the remote areas.
  • Facilitates easy exchange of ideas necessary for national development.
  • Helps to diversify the economy by promoting several activities e.g. lumbering and fishing which ensures high capital inflow.

  • Promotes linear settlement pattern along roads which leads to urbanisation and its advantages e.g. setting up of schools.