The condition necessary for the growing of cloves

Conditions for growth of cloves

cloves are indigenous crops of the west indies. they were brought to Europe by Vasco da Gama from India in the 16th century.

sultan sayyid said between 1804 and 1856 introduced the cloves in Zanzibar and Pemba.

The condition necessary for the growing of cloves

Zanzibar and Pemba produce 80% of the world’s supply of cloves

The following are condition necessary for the growth of cloves

  • deep fertile soil
  • the hot climate throughout the year temperature should be 27 celsius centigrade to 30-celsius centigrade

  • heavy and reliable rainfall of about 1500mm to 2000mm
  • high humidity throughout the year about 70% to 80%
  • plenty of cheap labor especially during the harvesting period

The cloves are mainly grown in the western part of the two islands because they have deep fertile soils while the eastern has poor soil which does not favor the growth of cloves


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