Problems resulting from establishment of the Akasombo dam project

Problems resulting from establishment of akasombo dam project

The Akasombo dam project was opened in 1966 and was built across the volta river where the river passes through the narrow gorge. The project was funded by Ghana, the United States of America, Britain, and the world bank.

The following are problems which resulted from the establishment of the Akasombo dam project:

  • The loss of biodiversity, vegetation, and animal life was lost due to dam construction.
  • The decrease in the delta size due to reduced silt deposits and this negatively affected coastal activities such as tourism

  • Stagnation of water led to waterborne diseases such as bilharzia
  • Reduction of farming activities in the delta region due to the loss of fertile alluvial soil
  • The siltation of the lake, which necessitated constant dredging, is expensive
  • Displacement of many people from their land, since many villages were drowned by lake water
  • The high cost of resettling displaced people and the disruption of families
  • Pollution of the environment due to the development of many industries such as aluminium smelting at Tema.