Objectives of Kainji dam project

Objectives of kainji dam project

 The Kainji dam project is located in the northwestern part of Nigeria across the Niger river at Kainji. The project was opened in 1969 and lies in a remote, thinly populated, and very poor part of Nigeria. The dam is 66 meters high and 55 meters long and has produced a man-made lake behind it known as lake Kainji (130 km long and 1300 kilometers square).

Objectives of Kainji dam project

the following are the objectives of Kainji dam project:

  • To promote the industrial sector. The kainji dam project provide water needed to produce various product, for example textile industries need a lot of water to operate. On the other hand kainji dam project also provides electricity needed to run machineries in factories.

  • to control flooding of Niger river. The kainji dam helps to control downstream river niger especially during rainy seasons hence helping to reduce loss and destruction of property which would otherwise be caused by floods.
  • to generate hydroelectric power (the main aim of building the dam). Kainji dam project main purpose was to generate electricity for both domestic and industrial use. Hydro electricity produced by this project is very important to Nigerian economy since it provide power for domestic and industrial use and also is good to the environment.

  • to promote irrigation by facilitating farming to increase food production. Water stored behind kainji dam can be used for irrigation farming which in turn can lead to food security and improved standard of living to the people involved in the farming.