Importance of tourism in Tanzania

Importance of tourism in Tanzania

Tanzania is the country located in the east Africa with a lot of tourist attraction. it is one of the leading tourist destination for people from america, Japan, Australia and England. some of the tourist attraction found in Tanzania include beautiful sand beaches along Indian ocean, Serengeti national park, mikumi national park, Tarangire national park and beautiful culture found among more than 100 tribes living in the country. this article will explore the importance or economic benefits which result from tourism activities in Tanzania.

Importance of tourism in Tanzania

The following are importance of tourism in Tanzania

  • development of industries through getting market from tourists for example art and craft industry, textile industry and food and processing industry
  • environmental conservation through gazetting of national parks, game reserve, forest reserve which are used to attract tourists

  • it leads to economic diversification by influencing other activities reducing on the dependence on other sectors such as mining, transport and agriculture
  • it leads to development of urban centres like Arusha, Karatu and Mikumi. tourism activities conducted in various areas in Tanzania has lead to increase in population in the areas which in turn has stimulated the growth of urban centres. for example the growth of arusha town has greatly been influenced by tourism activities which are conducted in tourist honeypots around the town such as arusha national park, Serengeti national park, manyara national park and the Ngorongoro conservation area.

  • improvement of transport and communication like the Kilimanjaro international airport and roads within arusha region
  • tourism is the source of government revenue generated from foreign exchange earned from tourists this leads to improved national income
  • tourism provide employment opportunities leading to high standard of living among workers in the museums, hotels, tourists guiding companies and beaches.


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