Importance of population

Importance of population
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What is the population? The word population comes from the Latin word Populus meaning people. Population or human population refers to the total number of people found in a given area at a specified time

The following are the importance of population

  • It promotes the supply of labor that can be used in exploiting or harnessing the idle resources like minerals, land, water bodies etc
  • It can encourage or stimulate the diffusion of technology into the destination from other areas the people who migrate posses different skills of different environmental orientations these can be spread into destination and help in the utilization of local resources

  • Migration can lead to the expansion of market for the local goods in the destination regions
  • It can encourage intensification of agricultural activities as a result of the reduction in the size of arable land.
  • It can stimulate the growth of towns (urbanization) and the associated advantages.
  • Development of strong defense against external enemies.
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