importance of irrigation farming in California

Importance of irrigation farming in California

California is a dry area found in the USA and it is important for irrigation farming in areas around the imperial valley, river san Joaquin, colorado, and Sacramento, around delta Mondata and Shasta dam. irrigation in California is important for fruits and vegetables like cucumber, eggplant, oranges, and cauliflower.

The following are advantages of irrigation farming in California

The following are advantages of irrigation farming in California

  • Source of government revenue leading to capital accumulation and improving national income
  • development of the tourism industry by visiting irrigation areas like around the imperial valley and Shasta dam

  • control of floods reducing on pests and diseases thus attracting settlement
  • environmental conservation through afforestation and reafforestation programs in flooded areas and areas with infertile soil
  • land reclamation by using desert areas and flooded areas
  • source of food to the people of California for example fruits, vegetables thus reducing the shortage of food and malnutrition
  • it provides employment opportunities to the people of California such as people working in agro-based industries, farmers, and holidaymakers
  • source of foreign exchange through exportation of fruits and other crops to Canada and Europe
  • good international relation with importing countries such as Canada, Japan, and Britain
  • economic diversification by influencing other activities like trade, transport, and tourism

  • development of urban centers such as Los Angeles which as used as marketing centers
  • Improvement of transport and communication which are used to transport inputs to farms and output to market.
  • Power supply by dams is used for both domestic and industrial purpose for example frient dam and Shasta dam

  • provision of raw materials for agro-based industries which lead to industrial development
  • Promotion of education and research by attracting people for demonstration purposes.

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