Effects of soil erosion on human activities

Effects of soil erosion on human activities

The following are effects of soil erosion to human activities

  • Soil erosion may destroy structures for example buildings, bridges, roads as it weakens their foundation
  • erodes alluvial deposits on the river beds making the river channel shallower resulting in frequent flooding
  • sand eroded from steep slopes is deposited on the river beds and can be harvested for building and construction
  • soil erosion loosens productive topsoils thus lower the agriculture potential of land
  • during soil erosion, rich soils may be deposited for example alluvium agriculture production
  • destruction of vegetation cover during soil erosion may lead to aridity and desertification

  • Eroded sediment from farmland and dumping sites may contain pollutants or agrochemicals that may kill aquatic life if it reaches oceans, sea, lakes, and rivers. They may also make water unfit for human consumption
  • eroded sediments may fill water reservoir constructed for HEP generation or irrigation thus requiring dredging which is expensive


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