Characteristics of tundra climate

Characteristics of tundra climate

The following are characteristics of tundra climate

  • it is found above 66 1/2 degrees northern arctic cycle and 66 1/2 south of the equator (antarctic circle)
  • it has cold winter with temperature varying between -29 Celsius centigrade to -40 Celsius centigrade
  • it has a very long winter lasting 8 months
  • it has cool summer with a temperature of about 10 centigrade to 15 centigrade
  • it has a short summer lasting 3 months
  • it has a very large annual range temperature going up to 73 centigrade
  • there is a permanent cover of snow and ice (permafrost)
  • the areas are generally dry with low annual precipitation (100 to 250 mm)
  • during the long cold winter, the polar wind is dominant

  • snowstorms or blizzard are common in this regional
  • it is a high-pressure zone
  • it is an area of low humidity


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