characteristics of intensive commercial farming

intensive commercial farming is growing of crops and rearing of animals on small piece of land using scientific and modern methods of farming leading to high production. it is mostly practised in densely populated countries, near urban centres. example of intensive commercial farming include horticulture farming and market gardening.

The following are characteristics of intensive commercial farming

The following are characteristics of intensive commercial farming

  • land is not allowed to rest because of population pressure
  • they use labour intensive technology because of small plots
  • fertilizers are used in this system
  • they grow cereals and annual crops

  • they rear animals for milk and its products which are perishable therefore they need good transport.
  • they use supplementary feed from factories for livestock (factory farming)
  • crops and animals are for commercial purpose
  • farms are small that is 3 to 6 hectares because of increased population density
  • production per unit area is high because of using modern and scientific method of farming


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