15 factors for tourism in Kenya

Factors for tourism in kenya

Kenya is found in east Africa and it is the most important destination for tourism with tourism attractions around Mombasa coastal areas, Malinda, Indian oceans, lake Nakuru, Nairobi museum, Tsavo national parks, Amboseli, and culture like Maasai culture

the following are factors which favour development of tourism in Kenya

  • improved marketing and advertisement by using the internet, trade shows, magazine, t shirt and newspaper
  • Kenya is strategically located at the coast of Indian ocean leading to development of ports like Mombasa, Malinda and easy movement of tourists from European middle east using cheap water transport

  • relief features giving beautiful scenery for exploration like coral reefs at Mombasa and for sports and games like climbing mount Kenya
  • presence of historical sites for preservation of cultures and traditions attracting tourists for exploration and education and research like fort Jesus, Nairobi museum, Malinda port and maasai culture
  • presence of urban centres with economic activities, entertainment centres, better social services, infrastructure in nairobi, Kisumu Mombasa
  • improved transport and communication like using Kenya airways, Mombasa port, safari com this helps in marketing and communication
  • presence of population which can speak multiple languages like English, Arabic and French
  • improved accommodation like hotels, apartment and guest houses
  • political stability and security helping in attracting investors and tourists and diverting resources to tourism development.

  • supportive government policies like giving loan to the the people involved in tourism activities, helping in construction of infrastructures and maintaining political stability.
  • presence of tropical climate which attract tourists from cold areas such as Iceland, Greenland and Canada
  • good international relation and regional cooperation attracting many tourists
  • availability of land gazetted for tourism in areas with sparse population like tsavo national parks, nakuru and Malinda

  • presence of skilled and unskilled labour working on hotels, tour companies and beaches