4 process of river erosion

The following are the process involved in the river erosion:

  • Hydraulic process – this is the eroding force of the water on rocks. This takes place when the force of the river water surges into cracks or sweeping against banks on the outside of bends with turbulence and eddying. It erodes through quarrying or scooping by water force.
  • The corrosion/abrasion process – this takes place when the materials scooped out by hydraulic action corrodes (abrades) the river bed by swirling fragments in the hollow to form potholes.
  • The attrition process – this process – involves reducing the size of materials transported by river by knocking against each other, through frictional rubbing and grinding as they are transported.

  • The solution process – this process occurs when the river passes in areas with rocks like limestone which can be eroded when they react with acids.


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