Advantages of weather forecasting

5 Advantages of weather forecasting

Weather forecasting is the prediction of the state of the atmosphere in a particular region over a period of 24 to 48 hours.


The following are the advantages of weather forecasting

  • Military personnel benefit from weather forecasting as they can plan their military activities based on expected weather conditions.
  • Weather forecasting enable people to plan and take precautions against various natural calamities such as flood and typhoon so that to minimize their effects;
  • Weather forecasting enables farmers to adjust their farming activities to suit the expected weather condition. For example, if it is expected that there will be less rainfall in the future then farmers will prepare an irrigation system to compensate for the shortfall. 
  • Weather forecasting greatly influences transport, especially in air and water. Aircraft take-off and landing can be affected by weather whereas storms and strong winds greatly affect water travel.
  • The weather forecast can help to guide and encourage tourists to visit certain areas. For example,  if it is predicted that certain areas will be warm in the future then tourists from cold areas will travel to this area to enjoy the forecasted warmth.

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