5 disadvantages of road transport

disadvantages of road transpor

Road transport is a very popular mode of transport used by suppliers and businesses to deliver orders. Many transport companies provide scheduled delivery days and next day delivery services, depending upon your needs. Goods can be packed/grouped in containers that are also used for sea transportation. 

The following are Disadvantages of road transport are:

  • Road Transport is subject to traffic delays. Due to congestion and narrow roads road transport is subject to delays caused by high traffic and this can lead to the destruction of perishable goods such as vegetables and flowers.
  • Road transport is Unsuitable for Long Distance and Bulky loads. As compared to air transport road transport is very slow for long distances and as compared to water transport road transport carries less amount of cargo. Road transport is only suitable for short distances and for a limited amount of cargo.
  • This mode of transport is unsuitable and costly for transporting cheap and bulky goods over long distances.

  • Goods are susceptible to damage through careless driving. if the road is rough and the driver is careless it is possible that delicate goods such as glass may be broken and damaged. This is not the case in rail transport because the movement of the train is not in the control of the driver and is always smooth due to the rail track.
  • Seasonal Nature: Motor transport is not as reliable as rail transport. During rainy or flood season, roads become unfit and unsafe for use. in the rural areas where the roads are not well constructed it is difficult to use road transport because they are damaged by rain and this makes it less reliable for transporting goods and passengers. This is unlike train or rail transport which is reliable throughout the year since the rail is built in such a way it can operate in both dry and rainy seasons.

  • Driving regulations can cause delays.
  • Lack of Organization: Road transport is comparatively less organized. More often, it is irregular and undependable. The rates charged for transportation are also unstable and unequal.