Ground level or horizontal photographs are as the name suggests, taken from the ground-level perspective.

The ground photograph is taken when a camera is held level to the ground. When a ground photograph is taken the axis of the camera is placed horizontally toward the object.

The ground photograph is the most common type of photography which we take with our smartphone and is commonly used to store important memories and for getting beautiful photos to post to Instagram and Facebook.

The ground-level photograph has a lot of advantages and uses. Some of the advantages include it is cheap to produce, shows the landscape in great detail, and is the most common type of photography.

However, ground photographs have a number of disadvantages or limitations such as they are selective, they can not be used in map making, middle and background items may be blocked and they cover small area as compared to other types of photograph

 Disadvantages of ground-level photograph

difficult in determining the scale

It is difficult to determine their scale unless one who takes the picture knows the size of the object .

The scale of ground photograph decrease from foreground to background therefore it is difficult to determine the scale of the photograph which can also lead to difficulty in determining the area or size of objects in the photograph.

They are not selective

that is all objects found in the face of the camera are recorded even if they are not needed.

The ground photograph is so detailed that is all objects in front of the camera are recorded even if they will not serve any purpose to the photographer.

Objects on the fore ground blocks visibility of the objects in the middle and back ground

Since the ground photograph scale decrease from foreground to background the objects on the foreground looks bigger and in some cases may block the visibility of important items in the background.

It covers small area compared to other types of photography

As compared to oblique photograph and vertical aerial photograph ground level photograph covers a small area and this is due to the fact that axis of the camera is horizontal to the ground causing the small area to be recorded.

Ground photograph present mainly qualitative information

Since the scale of ground photograph is difficult to measure then it is difficult to obtain quantitative measurement such as measurement of area and distance from the photograph

Other objects may be out of focus

Ground photograph focuses on items on the foreground the far items on the middle ground or back ground may be out of focus and blurred

We hope that you have found this article useful. If you have any additional points you would like to share with us on the disadvantages of the ground photograph, please add them to the comment below. 


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