Tourists honeypots causing the boom of coastal tourism in Mombasa Kenya

Tourists attractions that cause boom of coastal tourism in Mombasa
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Coastal tourism is the type of tourism that takes place on the coast or coastal area.

Mombasa situated along the Indian Ocean coast is a big beautiful Tropical city that acts as the chief port and the centre of coastal tourism in Kenya.

Mombasa is linked to other parts of Kenya by roads, railway line, air and sea.

These major transport systems link the coastal area with the rest of Kenya and also with other international places.

Air transport, which is the fastest of them all provides international links i.e. Kenya is linked with several European countries.

You must remember that most of the tourists who visit Kenya come from Europe.

Kenyan airways play an important part in the promotion of tourism in Mombasa as it links Kenya with other parts of the world including the rest of Africa.

Some of Mombasa’s coastal attractions include the following:

  • A beautiful and unique coastal area. The coast is full of coral reefs which are found in the shallow lagoons and bays.
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  • Fort Jesus located along the coastline of Mombasa is one of the popular tourist attractions. This was built by the Portuguese in the 16th century.
  • Gedi ruins built entirely from stones.
  • Hindu Temples with idols and stone curvings displayed within temples.
  • Mombasa Tusks built to commemorate Queen Elizabth’s visit in 1952, is a symbolic cultural entrance into Mombasa.
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  • Mamba village is the largest Crocodile farm in Africa. Haller Park with a variety of wildlife is the largest animal sanctuary.
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  • The coast made up of gentle curving bays such as Malindi bay, Sheshale bay, Formosa bay and others.
  • Sheltered harbours such as Kilifi harbour, Mtwapa harbour and Kilindini harbour.
  • Permanent rivers which flow from inland are also found on the coast e.g. Tana river and Galana river.
  • Some hills on the coast which attract tourists such as the Kwale and Mwele hills.

  • Mombasa’s beautiful coastal islands such as the Sii island, Funzi island and Wassini island also attract tourists.
  • Marine national parks such as Malindi marine national park and Watamu marine national park
  • Many hotels and bush lodges.
  • Night clubs for providing entertainment.

Like other coasts, the coast of Mombasa provides the following sporting activities for tourists or holiday makers:

  • deep sea diving
  • big game fishing
  • goggling
  • swimming
  • surfing
  • sun bathing
  • scuba diving
  • boating

Note that Mombasa is not the only coastal tourist attraction in Kenya and they provide the same tourist activities. Other coastal towns include Watamu, Malindi, and Kipini.