4 general characteristics of tropical monsoon climate

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Tropical monsoon climate, occasionally also known as a tropical wet climate or tropical monsoon and trade-wind littoral climate in climate classification, is a relatively rare type of climate that corresponds to the Köppen climate classification category “Am”.

Four (4) general characteristics of tropical mansoon climate

Location: It is experienced mainly in Asia on the Indian sub-continent,south east Asia, southern China, and northern Australia. 

Four (4) general characteristics of tropical mansoon climate

General characteristics of tropical monsoon climate;

  • Average temperatures of 25 degree centigrade in the cool season. 
  • In the hot season, temperatures are as high as 32 degree centigrade.  
  • Annual range of temperature is about 7 degree centigrade.  
  • Seasonal reversal of winds; onshore during one season and offshore during

  • another season.Rainfall is heavy when winds are onshore on the mainland; it is thus seasonal. On the islands, it rains throughout the year.
  • This climate can generally be described as having a hot wet season and a cool dry season.

Human activities that are carried out in areas with this type of climate include rice growing and animal rearing. In India, rice is the staple food. Rice fields are called ‘paddies’ and do very well where rainfall is high.

The larger volume of water allows for flooding which is one requirement for rice growing.

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