6 importance of photograph in geography studies

Photograph is a picture taken by means of film in the the camera OR this is an image of object which is recorded by a camera on light sensitive film or paper. Camera is basic equipment used in taking photograph and develop it on special paper known as film.

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The following are importance of photograph in geography studies:

  • It gives quick information about an area than a map. Photograph takes less time to take and is cheap as compared to map which need more work and experts therefore when you need quick information of the area then it is cheap and quicker if you use photograph.

  • Photograph can work instead of the map i.e it is used to determine features formed on landscape such as man made features like roads, houses and natural features like hills mountain, oceans etc. By using vertical aerial photograph which has constant scale it is possible to use it instead of the map since it is easy to perform quantitative measurement such as distance and areas and the feature of the map are seen as they are.
  • It does not need trained eyes to identify features because all features are shown as they are
  • Photograph is used to store information for future generation
  • Photograph replace a great deal of verbal description and there fore they save time
  • It is used to show different geographical events, for example one can determine the climate of the area by looking at the crops and relief shown in photograph of that area.

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