4 types of groundwater

4 types of ground water

Ground or subterranean water is water that is found below the earth’s surface. Groundwater is simply water under the ground where the soil is completely filled or saturated with water. This water is also called an “aquifer.”

4 types of ground water

The following are four types of  ground water:

  • Connate water. It may also referred as fossil water. This is water trapped in the pores of the rock during the formation of the rocks. The chemical composition of water changes with the changes that the rock undergoes. Most connate water is saline.

4 types of ground water
  • Meteoric water. This refer to ground water which originate from rainfall and other forms of precipitation such as hailstorms and snow fall. It is as the result of precipitation water seeping into the ground
4 types of ground water
  • Juvenile water. It is also referred to as magmatic water. This is water that is brought closer to the earth’s surface due to volcanic activities. It usually has high mineral content

4 types of ground water
  • Oceanic water. This is groundwater that results from the seepage of groundwater into the ground. It is common in the coastal areas where ocean water seeps horizontally into the ground from the ocean


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