5 types of human activities

5 types of human activities

Human activities are functions, tasks or works done by human being overtime for achieving certain purpose.

The following are five types of human activities

  • Primary activities are human activities that involves extracting of raw materials directly from the earth. Examples of primary activities is farming, fishing, lumbering, and livestock keeping.
  • Secondary activities, these are human activities that involves processing of raw materials into useful products. Examples of secondary human activities are processing of steel and iron from iron ores and coffee pulping.
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  • Tertiary activities, are human activities that involve provision of services that are needed in society. Examples of tertiary activities are trade, tourism, education, and transportation.

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  • Quaternary activities are human activities that involve the provision of intellectual services and information. Examples of Quaternary activities are consultancy activities, research, and library activities.
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  • Quinary activities, these are activities that are done by top executive or officials in such a field as government. They involves the highest level of decision making in society or economy.

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