Climate change refers to the shift in global temperatures and precipitation overtime.

It is a long term alteration in the weather patterns especially temperature and storm activity.

In other words it is the man made or natural shift in average atmospheric conditions overtime.


The following are the negative effects of climate change

  • Water shortage due to drying of water sources. 
  • Famine and malnutrition due to failure and death of livestock.  
  • Displacement of people – migration and incursions due to floods, landslides, droughts.  

  • Frequent floods resulting into destruction of life and property.  
  • Increased storm activity and cyclones become more intense due to the fact that oceans become warmer and with humid atmosphere.  
  • Diseases e.g. Malaria in Kabale, Cholera due to floods and respiratory diseases due to dust storms in times of drought.  
  • Loss of biodiversity i.e. threat to wild life.  
  • Soil erosion and Land degradation e.g. at river banks.  
  • Lowering of water levels e.g. Lake Victoria resulting into H.E.P production problems.  
  • Encroachment on wetlands.  
  • Eutrophication – oxygen delegation resulting into loss of aquatic life like fish.

  • Shrinking of ice caps/glaciers. 
  • Changing patterns of rainfall.  
  • Unreliable/little rainfall is received.  
  • Conflict over pasture land and water sources for the cattle as well as increases cases of cattle rustling.  
  • Conflict with neighboring countries over the reducing levels of Lake Victoria, the river Nile e.g. with Egypt and Sudan i.e. Potential Insecurity.  
  • Drying grass and stunted tree growth in formerly wet areas.
  • Rise in ocean/sea levels due to thermal expansion and duplication resulting into floods in coastal areas.

  •  Pollution of water sources.  
  • Wild forest fires because of the hot weather conditions that make tree branches and leaves on the forest floor to becoming drier.  
  • Salt-water intrusion or salinization at coastal areas due to a rise in sea level.

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