Twelve (12) reasons which made Tanzanian goverment adopt new 2006 population policy.

challenges which have necessitated review of the 1992 policy  and adoption of new 2006 population policy include the following.

  • Increased forms and levels of gender-based violence, traditional harmful practices including FGM, sexual abuse, neglect and abandonment of children
  • Need for relevant and affordable quality education and training at all levels
  • High prevalence of STIs, HIV and AIDS
  • High levels of adolescent pregnancies and early child bearing
  • Frequent pregnancies and deliveries
  • Increasing unemployment due to poor economic performance parallel with rapid labor force growth

    • Persistently high maternal, infant and child mortality
    • Rapid and unplanned urban growth
    • Low status accorded to women in society
    • Inadequate programmes to address specific reproductive health needs of particular population groups
    • Increased incidence of drug and substance abuse
    • xii. Increasing needs of disadvantaged groups, including orphans.

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