Ten (10) constraints encountered by Tanzanian government in implementing 1992 population policy.

The constraints and limitations that were encountered during the implementation of the 1992 National Population Policy and the implicit population policies include the following.

  • Inadequate trained human resources at all levels of implementation
  • Inadequate financial and material resources
  • Inadequate availability of age and gender disaggregated population related data
  • Non-establishment of planned policy coordination and implementation arrangements
  • Policies mainly addressed family planning and child spacing activities; this influenced limited participation of players in other reproductive health issues.
  • Placing more emphasis on meeting demographic targets rather than the needs of individuals (males and females)
  • Inadequate recognition of the relationship between poverty, population, environment, gender and development
  • Inadequate advocacy to guarantee the required support for population and development issues
  • Insufficient capacity and resources of NGOs engaged in population related activities

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