Seven typical characteristics of equatorial condition in East Africa.

This type of climate is experienced in the region between 5°N and 5°S of the equator. For instance in places such as the Congo basin. In East Africa the equatorial climate is experienced around the L.Victoria basin and typical equatorial climate is experiences within the L.Victoria and specifically the Islands within L.Victoria.
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 Typical equatorial climate is characterized by;

  • Heavy rainfall of about 2000mm evenly distributed throughout the year.
  • Temperatures are high with an average of 27°C
  • High humidity of about 80% or more. This is because of evaporation and heavy rainfall is received.
  • Double maxima of rain i.e. there are two rainfall peaks received. The rainfall regime is characterized by a bimodal pattern. There is hardly any dry spell (dry season).
  • The type of rainfall received is mainly convectional rainfall commonly accompanied by lightning and thunderstorms.
  • There is thick or dense cloud cover because of the humid conditions that result into rising air whose moisture condenses at higher levels to form clouds.
  • It is characterised by low atmospheric pressure and this is mainly because of the high temperatures experienced.

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In East Africa due to factors such as altitude, the equatorial climate has tended to be modified. The equatorial climate experienced in much of East Africa is not typical that of the rest in other tropical regions. That is why most of the areas fringing Lake Victoria are said to experience a modified equatorial type of climate rather than a typical equatorial type of climate. This is because the characteristics do not reflect typical equatorial type of climate e.g. heavy rainfall of about 1500mm is experienced. Temperatures average 23°C.
In addition, humidity is less than 80% and there is some distinct or short dry spell experienced especially in January and June.

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