7 factors for development of beef farming USA

Beef cattle farming is an important industry in the United States and throughout the world. Since beef cattle can graze forages in the open range and pastureland, they serve a unique role in providing high quality protein for human consumption from byproducts and forage sources that humans do not consume.

Considerable land in the U.S. and the world that will not support intensive crop production, can often times sustain grasses and forages that conserve the land, and produce feeds that cattle can utilize. Beef cattle production is dispersed throughout the U.S., but a significant amount of beef is produced on the rangelands of the Western U.S.

The following are factors for the development of beef farming in USA

The following are factors for the development of beef farming in USA;

  • Good soil which has encouraged the growth of pastures
  • The use of irrigation schemes to ensure constant supply of pastures

  • The presence of good animals varietieties like Aberdeen Angus, Red Angus, polled Hereford and cross breed zebu
  • Reliable transport and communication network like railways and roads which is used for ferrying animals and animals product
  • Reliable internal market due to high demand of proteins in urban areas
  • Availability of capital to be invested in the beef farming
  • Availability of big tracts of undulating land especially in western part of the country such as calfornia due to sparse population. 


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