9 factors for the development of the fishing industry in Norway

Fishing industry are all process which involve extraction of fishes and other aquatic animals and processing them for final consumption.The fishing industry is well developed in Norway and it takes place in north sea. Norway is leading country in fishing sector in Europe. Fishing is done in the sea because fish farming inland is difficulty due to harsh climate. The species commonly fished are cod and herring.

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The following are factors for the development of the fishing industry in Norway

  • Good transport and communication. for example there are advanced ports like Trondeim, Alesund and Oslo
  • Strong support from the government. Government support the industry by training the expert in the field and making strong policies to support the industry

  • The presence of wide variety of fish species like capelin, cod, herring and sprats.
  • The use of modern fishing methods like trawling and drift netting.
  • Capital for investing in fisheries is readily available.
  • The presence of continental shelf that provide shallow water and fish food (plankton).

  • Long indented coastline, which provide fishing grounds and sheltered harbors
  • Readily available market due to high demand of balanced diet in urban areas and Europe as whole
  • Power availability especially HEP. Power is needed in fish processing factories and in operating fridges for preserving the fishes

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