8 characteristics of cold ocean current

Cold ocean currents are ocean currents with waters of low temperature, i.e. the waters are cold. In Africa the main cold ocean currents include; the cold Benguella current and the cold canary current. Elsewhere examples include the Californian current, cold Peruvian current, the North equatorial current, East Greenland current and the West Australian current.

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The following are Characteristics of cold ocean currents

  • They are characterized by low temperatures, i.e. they have low waters. 
  • They tend to flow from high latitude regions to regions of low latitude, i.e. they flow equator wards from regions of cold conditions.  

  • They generally flow on the western side of the continental landmasses. This is true in the lower latitude regions.  
  • In the mid and high latitude regions, they tend to flow on the eastern sides of the continents e.g. the Labrador Current, the Oya siwo current.  
  • They tend to characterized by high density/low salinity. 
  •  In the northern hemisphere their circulation tends to be anti-clockwise while in the southern hemisphere their circulation tends to be clockwise.  
  • They are also characterized by up-welling of waters at the coasts.