Advantages and disadvantages of plane table survey

Advantages and disadvantages of plane table survey
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Plane table survey is a graphical method of surveying in which the field works and the plotting is done simultaneously. It is particularly adopting small mapping. Plane table surveying is used for locating the field computation of the area of the field.

Advantages of plane table survey:

  • It is most suitable for preparing small scale map or surveying a small area.
  • It is the most rapid method.
  • A field book is not necessary.
  • No great skill is required for a satisfactory map.

  • It is particularly suitable for the magnetic areas where the prismatic compass is not reliable.
  • Contour and irregular objects may be represented accurately.
  • It is less costly

Disadvantages of plane table survey

  • Plane Table Essentially a tropical instruments.
  • It is not suitable to work in a wet climate.
  • There are several accessories to be carried out and therefore they are likely to be lost.
  • It is not suitable for accurate work.