6 factors influencing soil erosion

Soil erosion is the process by which soil is detached, removed and carrried away from one place to another where it may not be useful. A certain minimum of level of normal soil erosion takes place all the time in many parts of the world. However when the activities of human being, water and wind exceed certain level, serious soil erosion occcur leading to deterioration of the soil surface through large loss of large volume of soil.

The following are factors influencing soil erosion:

  • The amount and intensity of rainfall.
  • The slope of the land.
  • The type of soil whereby sand erodes quickly while the clay is resistant to soil erosion.

  • Soil depth whereby shallow soil become saturated quickly and are easily eroded than deep soil.
  • Vegetation cover.
  • Farming methods. Farming methods such as farming along the slope and monoculture make the soil more susceptible to soil erosion.


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